Dynasty - Steamed Assorted Asparagus in Black Truffle Paste Square

Steamed assorted asparagus in black truffle paste    肉抹黑松露蒸雙筍
with Silvaner or a slightly chilled Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir)
Dynasty 滿福樓, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong  

White asparagus, 白蘆筍 x 5
Green asparagus 
綠蘆筍 x 5
Minced port 
豬肉抹, 75g
Black truffle paste 
黑松露醬, 2 tablespoons

1. Flash fry white and green asparagus in hot oil.

2. Pan-fried minced pork until the minced pork is cooked.

3. Mix the minced pork with black truffle paste thoroughly.

4. Spread the mixture of minced pork and black truffle paste on white and green asparagus. Steam for 12 minutes.


1. 將白蘆筍及綠蘆筍過一過熱油;

2. 煎熟豬肉抹;

3. 充分攪拌豬肉抹及黑松露醬;

4. 將攪拌後的豬肉抹及黑松露醬鋪在蘆筍上,蒸12分鐘